Ethereal Stay

    Ethereal, adj. which in its literary sense refers to the one who is located high up and refers to the ether. In its metaphorical sense it refers to the pleasant, the light and fine that seems not to belong to this world.
    The goal for “Ethereal Stay” is for visitors, during their stay, to enjoy this light, pleasant and unassuming feeling that its name represents.

    On the pine-covered island of Spetses, one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan islands of the Saronic Gulf, a short distance from the main port, Dapia, we created 14 rooms that meet the needs of the modern traveler.
    The traditional architecture of the island is harmoniously combined with the modern perspective of the space. The interior of the rooms is characterized by a quiet and discreet design, with a palette of textures and colors in earth tones, clean geometric volumes and simple lines.
    The goal for “Ethereal Stay” is for its guests to enjoy exactly this feeling of fullness and serenity that the name represents.

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